Note: of those starred *, a member for many years but dropped on retirement.

*Speech Communication Association

*American Speech and Hearing Association

*National Society for the Study of Communication, later renamed International Communication Association,
past President, past Editor of Journal of Communication

*Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

*National Association of Teachers of Speech and Drama [England],
Honorary Member

*International Phonetic Association

*National Society for Programmed Instruction, later renamed National Society for Performance and Instruction,
past Secretary, past Editor of NSPI Journal.

American Educational Research Association,
Life Member

American Psychological Association,
Emeritus Member

International Congress on Psychology of Literature

American Mensa, Ltd.,
Life Member

Mensa Education & Research Foundation,
Trustee, past President

Creative Education Foundation,
former Member of Leadership Council

American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars

Nature Conservancy

World Wildlife Foundation